The Arcade

by Neo LegendParis
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Why it is a must-have

A pleasure to take a leap in time, and to believe we are in the middle of Shibuya Tokyo to have fun like crazy, alone or accompagnied.

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- A perfect fit for both kids and grown ups!
- Fully JAMMA compatible but also most favorite arcade systems : 60 in 1, 2019 in 1, ARCADE BOX and ARCADE BOX REVOLUTION to enjoy all days classics
- Fully coin operated with Euros or Tokens just like back in the days.
- Compatible with Next Gen video games consoles, PS3 and Xbox360 so you can play the latest games at Home and On line !
- Original design, vintage and compact, so it will perfectly fit your home
- Multi Use Arcade cabinet, easy to use and fun to play!
- Made in France.

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The first Neo Legend shop opened in Paris in 2007. Three childhood friends decided to gather around the video game world, and especially around a cult object: the Arcarde Machine.