Cube CS - Corian® Series

by La Boîte ConceptParis
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The CS version is the new model of the Cube Series on both technically and aesthetically aspects. It is the fruit of several years of research coordinated by Yvon Maurel, Ph.D. in electro-acoustics. The new Cube was designed in collaboration with Samuel Accoceberry, award-winning designer for his creations imbued with his Basques origins. The choice of combinations of noble materials such as Corian®, solid Walnut and brushed Aluminium are duplicating the famous codes of the LD 120 SE created by Timothée Cagniard in 2012.

This new High-Fidelity speaker system allows you to wirelessly connect all audio sources (computers, tablets, smartphones, turntables, TV) for benefiting from a High Quality and deep sound. Compact nevertheless powerful, the Cube will elegantly integrates itself in your home interior. This coffee table- sized speaker rounds off the Cube and LD Series range of products.


Power : 100 real Watts RMS on 8 ohms
Speakers developed entirely and exclusively by La Boite concept for this product:
-1 x 13cm brand new Long Excursion Broadband in aluminium (Woofer - Mediums)
- 2 x 8cm Full Range rear-speakers (Wide Sound 2.0 ® patented by La Boite concept)
- 2 Aluminium vent ports (front double bass reflex)
- 2.1 Class D Amplifier, 1x50Watts and 2x25Watts (100 watts RMS) with a new DSP and Optical converter
(24 bit DAC)

Dimensions : 47 x 49 x 35 cm
4.0 Apt-X® (HD) Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, universal Mini-Jack auxiliary, RCA and Optical S/PDIF Toslink inputs accessible underneath the Cube (Optical DAC compatible with AirPlay®, AirPort Express®, Apple TV®, TVs).
Finishes: MDF wooden speaker, Solid Walnut legs, blotter and extra shelf in white Corian® by Dupont  , Speaker in natural brushed Aluminium

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Three generations of the same family line have come together to create La Boite Concept and CC LAB laboratories: Marie Cagniard Yeramian, founder and director of the SIARE loudspeaker company in 1945; Thierry, her son, director of the speaker system division of the same company in 1972. And now the latest generation of the Cagniard family: Guillaume, creative designer in the advertising field since 2005 and Timothée, entrepreneur since 2003.
The speakers built by La Boite Concept and CC LAB laboratories represent the natural evolution of this family experience and an opportune personal encounter with Yvon Maurel, electro-acoustic researcher since 1999. After receiving his doctoral thesis on the active control of audio systems, he participated in academic study and consulted on the design of exclusive speaker systems in prominent buildings in France (churches, public places, palaces ...). Excited by the technical challenge of mixing high fidelity and speaker system design into one unit and cognizant of innovations in new sound technologies, he has been responsible for the R & D program of the company now for three years.