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Unique by its process of production, the GRAFFITE is a perfect mix of opposite matter : Mahogany and Granite. This Stone Sunglasses is made from 11 layers of mahogany, in addition to a stone layer that cover the complete front frame. No worries, we did not let the stone make it heavy, because the GRAFFITE weighs only 26 grams. Check more details here.


Polarized lenses CR-39 – Category 3 UV400
Dimensions : W14cm – H5cm

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REZIN Wood is the culture of a unique design, based on a sustainable ecological method of production, thanks to the FSC labeled wood. They also offer the possibility to replant a tree every time a pair of REZIN is bought. Uncluttered set of designs, made in their craftsmen workshop based on quality criteria that are always more demanding. That’s what leads them to innovate and create special hand made wooden sunglasses. From the laminated and skateboard production to the use of original materials such as granite, their wooden sunglasses distinguish themselves with their technicality. This empirical approach of the materials allows REZIN to be at the forefront of crafted and stylistic innovation.