Artaban Ebony Razor

by The Morning CompanyParis
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Produced and put together manually in Auvergne (center of France) in a family workshop, this design razor is shaped in the finest exotic woods (ebony, rosewood). And because he worth it, he has its own beautiful base. Despite all these attributes, Artaban remains humble and simple-to-use: he is compatible with Gillette Mach3 blades (some of the best in the world AND that you can find downstairs). The little add-on : you can get your initials engraved on the handle.

His ambition? Make you proud of him.

An eight-century old savoir-faire
Auvergne, and more specifically Thiers city, has a long history of savoir-faire in cutlery. And when we say long, we mean… roughly 800 years. This is why Artaban was born there.

Artaban is made of ebony from the Ivory Cost (diospyros crassiflora) or of Indian rosewood (dalbergia latiflora). Why those woods ? First because they are the finest, secondly because they are exotic woods with high density ( from 850 to 1000kg/m3) – which makes them very resistant to humidity. Those woods are crafted in Auvergne near Thiers, and compound the handle and the base of the razor.

Artaban is then put together at La Celles-sur-Durolle, near Thiers. Ebony pieces (or rosewood ones) are screwed on the central structure, which is made of stainless steel blades and of a resin backbone (all produced in the area). Artaban is put together by hand.


Size: handle ( without the blade) 13,cm x 2cm x 1,5cm, and base : 4,5cm x 2,5cm

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