Hitchcock shaving brush

by The Morning CompanyParis
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« Hair-raising is an art »
And in that field, no doubt that Hitchcock – our design shaving brush – is probably one of the best.
He surely knows how to raise the hair on your face. With subtlety.

He has high standards in staging

There is only one Hitchcock. Made of the most noble woods (ebony, rosewood), gifted with some of the most refined badger hair (high mountain or european badger), this design shaving brush has a talent for hair-raising. Partner in crime with Artaban – our amazing design razor, he gets hair ready with style and subtlety.

And even when he is off duty, this elegant shaving brush – handmade in France – keeps high standards in staging thanks to his beautiful base.
2 regions, 2 workshops, 1 philosophy
Hitchcock’ story starts in Auvergne, a French region world famous for its savoir-faire in cutlery. Over there, in a small town, a family workshop has developed a strong expertise in woodwork. This is the place where it all start for our shaving brush handle and base (made of ebony or rosewood).

Once designed and varnished, our elegant shaving brush takes the road to Saint Brieuc, in the Brittany region. A 30 people workshop welcome him there, and put him together (see vidéo). It starts with choosing the best badger hair : the one that retain water best and last. Once chosen, a series of meticulous movements come one after another : the artisan combs gently, taps into a flat and then round-bottomed mold, ties the knot and introduces the hair into the ferrule. Then he or she cuts the hairs (on the handle side) and finally bond the ferrule to the wooden handle. A real hand-made and traditional work !


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